24 Oct, 2022

If you are likely to have dandruff frequently, you should take pre-emptive measures to avoid it.

Here are a few remedies.

Lemon Juice

Thanks to a high citric acid content, Lemon can fight fungal infections as well as excess sebum production that lead to dandruff. Lemon juice can treat the dandruff problem from its roots. Simply mix two spoons of lemon juice with a spoon of honey, and apply the mix on your scalp and along your hair. After 5-10 minutes, wash it all off with lukewarm water. If you keep it on your hair for too long, it can make your hair dry and frizzy.

Aloe Vera

Have you seen advertisements of hair care products featuring aloe vera essence? That’s because Aloe Vera is one of the most vital ingredients in ayurvedic remedies for dandruff. Aloe vera can restore the luster of your hair and nourish your scalp to promote better hair growth. Simply apply aloe vera gel on your scalp and wash it off after a few minutes using a herbal shampoo to see the difference.

A Balanced Diet

Ayurveda is most effective when you combine it with a balanced diet that promotes better bodily functions. A diet rich in probiotics, vitamin-C and omega-3 fatty acids is advised, so your body can fight against dandruff and fungal infections on the scalp.

Specialized Ayurvedic Formulations

For people who don’t get the desired results from natural remedies or for those who need quicker solutions, using ayurvedic formulations may be advised. Because they are ayurvedic, there won’t be any side effects and the concoctions will be a specific mix of the right herbs and ingredients to fight dandruff naturally while delivering quick results.

Ayurvedic solutions like Neelibringadi Keram, Durdurapathradi Keram, Kesini Oil etc. offer quick relief from dandruff, provided you get them from a reliable source.

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If you are likely to have dandruff frequently, you should take pre-emptive measures to avoid it.

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